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What is GGBS?

Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) from Francis Flower is made from a by-product of the iron manufacturing process.

It is a cement substitute that not only improves durability, but also the environmental credentials of concrete mixes.

GGBS can replace 70% of Portland Cement in concrete, and for every tonne of GGBS used in a concrete mix, the embodied CO2 levels are reduced by around 900kg compared to the use of one tonne of traditional Portland Cement.

As a by-product of existing industrial processes, GGBS is more sustainable than many other cement substitutes, and when compared to Portland Cement, also requires 20% less energy and produces 10% less CO2 during its production process.

Francis Flower GGBS conforms to BS EN 15167-1 and is fully recognised as counting towards the cement content of concrete mixes.


Use and benefits

For projects where durable and sustainable concrete is key, GGBS is the ideal solution.

GGBS has a wide range of applications and has been used as a partial cement replacement in a variety of projects, including soil stabilisation work, paving, precast concrete construction and large-scale volumes of mortar.

GGBS reduces the likelihood of concrete suffering from thermal cracking, as well as improving concrete’s resistance to damage from alkali silica, sulfates and chlorides. Find out more about the durability of GGBS. 

GGBS helps to produce low CO2 concrete, with low levels of embodied CO2. Because the cement substitute is created from a by-product of the iron industry, its production does not rely on any form of mineral extraction. GGBS is also actively helping to reduce the amount of industry by-product material going to landfill.  Find out more about the sustainability of GGBS. 

By using GGBS, a much lighter coloured finish can be achieved compared to Portland Cement based concrete. As a result, it can be used as a replacement for white cement, with negligible differences in whiteness.

GGBS also helps to improve the reflectivity of finished materials (improving safety in dark environments) and contribute towards the reduction of crystalline deposits on concrete surfaces.

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